OTA的末日?继万豪希尔顿之后 洲际将削减佣金至7% - 酒店资讯-辉视资讯_旅游及大住宿业专业媒体 - 辉视-旅游及大住宿业门户

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  “这一举措使我们能够平衡客户和业主的需求,将节省的资金重新投资和改进有利于客人体验的项目。”洲际酒店集团全球销售高级副总裁Derek DeCross在声明中表示。


  Meeting Planners Unite是一家新成立的协会,旨在对抗万豪的削减计划,创始人兼执行董事David Bruce表示,洲际此举是纯粹的利润抢夺。“越来越难以理解这些连锁酒店集团削减佣金的逻辑,这些集团剥削那些为他们带来60%业务的人的利益,以此来增加他们的利润。”Bruce希望洲际的特许经营业主可以选择不削减佣金,他们有这个特权。


  酒店在削减佣金的同时可能无意中低估了OTA的价值, Dream Hotel Group决定反其道而行,为合格团体和会议提供12%的佣金,直至2018年底。

  附洲际酒店集团全球销售高级副总裁Derek DeCross于5月8日发给旅行合作伙伴的一封信:

  Dear Valued Travel Partner:

  I wanted to personally touch base with you in advance of some changes that IHG is making.

  Ensuring that we deliver the right sales tools, programs and best-in-class experiences for our customers is always top of mind as we also continue to assess how we can best amplify our approach.

  Understanding the complexities of the Groups & Meetings industry and the nature of the business being booked by our customers is an integral part of our sales strategy and foundational to what we do.

  As part of this, IHG has assessed its group booking commission structure and will be changing the group travel partner commission structure as follows:

  Effective January 1, 2019, IHG’s Company-Managed hotels will reduce commissions paid to group travel partners from 10% to 7% for all Groups & Meetings business sourced to IHG hotels in the U.S. and Canada. For franchise hotels, IHG encourages them to follow the same.

  Contracts that IHG executes with group travel partners on or after January 1, 2019, will reference the 7% commission.

  Contracts signed prior to January 1, 2019, will still honor a 10% commission.

  Commissions for IHG hotels outside the U.S. and Canada will remain unchanged.

  At IHG, we are focused on putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our near and long-term strategy in order to drive an optimal experience throughout the entire travel journey.

  Whether that journey includes a corporate customer attending an incentive event, or a parent booking his or her son’s soccer team, we’re always thinking with them in mind.

  And to achieve this, we’re investing. This investment isn’t 10 years away for IHG.

  We’re delivering on our commitment now and within the next few years with key milestones on our long-term journey to meet our customers’ needs right where they are.

  As a valued partner of IHG, I wanted to share this information with you as we will continue to explore opportunities to drive mutual value between our organizations, focused on delivering the best experience for our mutual customers. As always, thank you for your partnership.

  Warm regards,

  Derek DeCross

  Senior Vice President, Global Sales